July 14, 2000

Wow! Just found out about J-Pass 2.0, which apparently has been around for awhile. It shows you when and where satellites will be passing over your head. Even more impressive is J-Track 3D which gives you a rotateable globe showing 500 satellites. Click on a satellite and its orbit shows. Very cool!

There must be a WebQuest one could wrap around this one. How about linking this to a database of UFO reports?

To stay up with the latest tech-jargon, there's Jargon Scout. They try to nail things down before Wired does.

July 13, 2000

Just spent a few minutes poking through the Obsolete Computer Museum. It has info and pictures of the machines I owned in the 80s. Amazing to consider how far things have come. Moore's Law comes to life when you look at these things and try to remember what was the coolest thing you could do in a given year.

For example, in the fall of 1980, my Apple II+ had a 300 baud modem which connected me to bulletin boards. I remember beginning to dabble with AppleSoft and creating a little simulation of Mars and Earth orbiting the sun. In a year in which the first 1Ghz machines emerged, it's amazing to think that my first computer ran at 1.75Mhz!

July 09, 2000

Getting serious about FileMaker today. Now that Dave has confirmed that he could re-do PLANalyst in FMP, my mind is reeling with possibilities. Finally a tool that I could hope to master without dropping everything else, and one that seems to have a lot of cool directions to go.

Some FMP resources gleaned from the comp.databases.filemaker newsgroup:

FMPro 4.1 and CDML
Database Pros
CDML Reference:
FM Web Tutorial:
"Filemaker Pro 4 and the World Wide Web" by Jesse Feiler
"Database Publishing with Filemaker Pro on the Web" by Maria Langer
Introduction to FileMaker Web Publishing:
Troi... publishes plug-ins for FMP scripters.

July 08, 2000

Found a cool database of Dropped and New domain names. The latter might be an interesting periscope for not-yet-announced products and other stuff. Visit-SanDiego.Com is up for grabs as of today.

While exploring other blogs, I stumbled on the Playdo Community. Maybe worth exploring later as a vehicle for studying the development of online community, or maybe for something within EDTEC 670.

Last night we were there at midnight for the Harry Potter Book 4 release. Huge crowds, lots of happy kids. Alex sat on the floor and read Gary Larson books while half-listening to the Potter trivia game going on around him. We didn't see him there and had to have him paged... (visions of cute-kid-snatchers taking advantage of this special night to pick out a good one.)

June and Cindy stood in line for close to two hours to pick up the book... more than 700 pages worth. Alex already started digging into it this morning.

July 07, 2000

Ah... the danger of having a little spare time. Five minutes after reading the WebTechniques article about Blogging, here I am making a blog. Just what I need: another thing to cultivate.

On the other hand, maybe it IS just what I need: something to do for no particular audience and with no need to please anyone but myself. And something to keep the writing fingers moving. And someplace to pin down fleeting ideas and URLs so that they can be found again.

It's worth a shot.