May 30, 2002

Clean up Time

iMacWent groggily into campus to start working on the interim report for our PT3 grant. Once I got my marching orders from Marcie on what pieces I needed to do for the report, I quickly shifted gears (i.e., leaped into extreme avoidance behavior). Like: opening up the box for the new iMac and 17 inch flat display that arrived last week, moving my files from the old PowerMac 7500 that's been taking up space for far too long, and moving my Blue G3 over to where the 7500 was. I threw myself into throwing out old stuff and generated a huge temporary mess in the process. Once the dust settles, though, the office will look very slick with the new gear gracing my desk.

Tomorrow I'll have to get back to the soulkilling business of doing a budget report and writing up some of the other activity of the past 6 months.


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