May 31, 2002

More Clean Up

I'm thinking that I must have slept right through May, and so did June. There's so much paper mail piled up in the kitchen that it's as though we weren't even here to go through it. No... it's even worse than that: it's as though we randomly mixed up the mail, blended it with piles of stuff retrieved from our cars, and then sprinkled in a load of crap emptied from pockets and purses. So (again, instead of working on my project budget report) I filled a waste can with ads, annual stock reports, and junk mail. Found a few things that had been AWOL, too, like the new PIN for my ATM card.

American Gods coverI'm just a few dozen pages away from finishing Neil Gaiman's American Gods. It reminds me of things I read in high school that imagine that the ordinary world we see is only a small part of what's really going on. The Crying of Lot 49 and The Centaur come to mind. The premise is that the gods worshipped by everyone who came to America are still here: Norse gods, African gods, forgotten ancient gods. They're blending in with the rest of us as funeral directors, prostitutes, FBI men, you name it. And there's a war brewing between these old gods and the new ones: media, internet, money.

This is the first book that I've really enjoyed in a long time. I've grown to like Shadow, the main character, and want things to turn out well for him, but it's probably not that kind of book. Gaiman is creative in an amazingly wide range of genres: comic books, plays, children's books and this novel, according to an interview I just came upon. Once he's mastered one form, he drops it and moves on. A serial one-trick pony, I guess.


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