May 25, 2002

Quiet Saturday

covered wagonsWent to bed early last night with sore, swollen neck glands. For the sake of symmetry, I slept late, too. Still feeling achy and tired.

Alex spent last night at a Public Speaking Camp way out past Jamul and this afternoon we picked him up. The kids slept in bunk beds inside covered wagons and did the usual s'mores and stories around the campfire.

Alex speakingThe teacher was a lively, physically expressive homeschooling Mom. She led the kids in a final performance for the parents in which they related to us what they'd learned. It was all about body language, modulating your voice, conquering nervousness, and structuring what you say. Alex had a good time and says he'd like to do it again.

I'm heading for an early bedtime again. Going to curl up with Volume I of the Christ Clone Trilogy. Hope it's mostly about SciFi and Vatican politics and doesn't get all goddy on me.


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