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May 28, 2002

Tip a Cab Driver and Tyler, Too

or maybe...Of Guns and Roses
Spent all day getting to Tyler, Texas, which I have since learned is the Rose Capital of the World. One symptom of that: people on corners selling a dozen red roses for $2! These are extra buds nipped from bushes that were grown to be shipped out as plantable elsewhere. The crop, apparently, is good this year.

And actually, I didn't tip the cab driver who took me for the two hour journey from DFW to Tyler. First, because the ride was already paid for by my sponsor, St. Gregory's School. And second, because he was an hour and a half late finding me at the airport. Third, though he saw me reading and scribbling comments on an ED 834 final report in the back seat, he talked incessantly with topics like these: the fat cats (Enron, etc.) get everything and aren't accountable to anyone; Republicans = good; Democrats = liars; people around us are becoming millionaire through multi-level marketing schemes. Hour two of the drive included a rant against gun control; a federal law has just been passed that disallows any criticism of political candidates; we only use 10% of our brain, so clearly the Creator is holding back our powers until we're spiritually developed enough to deserve them; and women have 450 billion fewer brain cells than men. I asked for the sources for all this wisdom and the only named document he could come up with was the NRA magazine America's First Freedom. The rest, I assume, came from his somehow accessing that other 90% of his brain that the rest of us can't get to. No tip, Bunkie.