May 19, 2002

Allison & BrockTo Commence
What hath God wrought? That's one small step for a man? Watson, come here, I need you?

Since I can't come up with any stirring first words, I think I'll just move on to second words.

Today was graduation day. A happy day for our students. Our department graduation party was the best in memory. Nothing preachy or ponderous. Every segment of the program was funny and crisp. Very well organized by Marcie and Minjuan.

Dave MerrillOur mini-keynote was by Dave Merrill, one of the few extremely creative and clear thinkers in instructional design. Just as he did in his last visit a dozen years ago, he urged students to write up the things they do. He told them that there's wisdom in practitioners that needs to be represented in the literature. That it's perfectly OK to "make stuff up" as long as you can support it. That was just the thing to inspire the grads. Good words to internalize.

Pictures of the event are at


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