May 22, 2002

Zona Ramona

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Not a very interesting day. June & I went to meet with Jennifer (principal of Julian Charter School) to talk over the next steps in developing their web site, purchase ordering system, and so on. The heat may be off us for the first part because a vendor who first wanted $90K to do the ordering has now caved down to $30K. At that price, it's worth outsourcing and we can focus on some of the funner stuff. We met Jennifer partway by going to Ramona and had our meeting outdoors over coffee. The perfect place for a meeting: road noise, smokers puffing at a table nearby, too much glare to see the PowerBook screen. I could have stayed there all day.

Although Ramona is only 40 minutes from home, it's like another planet. As we left town we passed a roadside stand selling cowboy hats. Hundreds of them. And not touristy hats with spangles; they were serious.

Budgetary Blip
Then on to SDSU for the end of semester meeting for 470 instructors. Philip has now taken charge of the course after a year of our co-doing and he had not-good news to report. Thanks to the dotbomb+Enron-induced budget crisis facing the state, we may be asked to cut our course offerings by 40%, thus endangering all the new sections entwined with teacher ed blocks. Bah!

A picture named entep026.jpgNetscape 7.0 was pre-released today, and I'm playing with it. Can't tell yet if Composer has improved enough for us to use it in 470 without grinding our teeth down to stumps.

The high point of the day came late. The season finale of Enterprise. Interesting plot based on spillover from the Temporal Cold War being waged from the 31st century. It ended with a quiet cliffhanging that won't get resolved until Fall. Alex speculates that the next ST series will be all about that.


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