June 16, 2002

The Alamo, Past and Present

Spent a relaxed day tweaking my home page and adding a link to this blog for the first time. Had a meeting to discuss my going to Kansas City to do some staff development and then met Philip at the IMax theater to see their Space Station (in 3-D!) and Alamo films. The first was inspiring. Space flight brings out the best in us.

A picture of the alamoThe Alamo story was disheartening. Is that what bravery is all about, or was it just a load of macho dumbth? I could probably get run out of Texas for saying that out loud, but on this Father's Day I can't help thinking that getting yourself killed when there was no hope of success and leaving hundreds of widows and orphans behind just wasn't smart.

On the very next block was the actual Alamo. My first time seeing it. It was smaller than I imagined.