June 18, 2002

Blogging Live, from San Antonio, it's...

Maureen Brown Yoder's WebQuest Session

A picture named yoder.jpgShe started out with a quiz of the audience. Who spoke in this room yesterday at 2PM? (me). Who's speaking tomorrow at 10:30 (Tom March, who's sitting next to me). This was a friendly crowd. I had that familiar feeling of watching my own eulogy incognito, like Tom Sawyer (or was it Huck Finn?)

She's doing nice job of tying WebQuests back to its historical roots: Socrates, John Dewey, and Jerome Bruner. From the WNET site she called up a bit of audio from Arthur Costa (which is a good idea I should emulate).

She's comparing the way we learned about things like the Civil War in the bad old pre-constructivist days. In contrast, she showed a couple of Vietmam WebQuests.

For future directions, she gave Philip's WIP site a plug as well as yesterday's 3DWQ presentation.

She wrapped up with an exercise in which people came up with tasks that require higher level thinking. (And gave away prizes for good answers.)

Good session overall. About 300 here.


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