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June 8, 2002

High Tech High: The Picnic

PicnicOur first HTH event as insiders was this afternoon: the annual picnic. We sat with a family from Poway whose daughter is thinking about joining the 9th grade there in September. Met some other new families, too, and while they all came from wildly different backgrounds they seemed to be dedicated to the success of their kids. Isn't everyone? Not equally.

The event was sort of half-organized. There were supposed to be two tug-of-war competitions but as far as we can tell, the second one never happened. As we arrived, student helpers put a label on our backs with the name of a famous person on it. It was clear to me as a veteran and inflicter of many icebreakers that the idea was to find out whose name you carried on your back by getting people to answer yes-no questions. No one ever explained that, though, or prodded us to talk to strangers to solve the puzzle. I was Picasso; June was Leonardo da Vinci; Alex was Aristotle. Quite a distinguished family, I'd say.

We got to talk to a couple of the teachers. They strike me as youngish, devoted to their craft and more willing to make it up as they go than most high school teachers. That could be good.