June 18, 2002

New (to me, anyway) Products at NECC

Onadime takes music or other sounds as inputs and turns them into colorful animations. Where was this in the 60s when I needed it? Seems cool but pricey at $199.

Kar2ouche is like Storybook Weaver brought up to date. It lets you restage a play anyway you like (it comes with load of Shakespeare) or create and enact a storyboard from scratch. Some examples: Romeo & Juliet, King Tut as interpreted by an 8 year old. Very cool.

Vantage Learning showed their automated essay scoring system. Looked like just the thing for Julian Charter School to look into.

Think.com is owned by Oracle and provides free web space, student e-mail, templates and community for schools. Could be a good home for WebQuests, as long as the teacher's school is a member. They don't let you participate as an individual. I've been playing phone tag with someone from this since April. Time to chat with her and see if there's some kind of partnership that makes sense.

Right now they're showing a preview of version 3.0 which has some interface tweaks. One cool thing: kids can create an icon to represent themselve using a kind of Mr. Potatohead model. That allows them to personalize it without putting photos up. This, too, is something that we might want to look at for Julian Charter School.


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