June 07, 2002

Old Friends

June, Bernie, Kathy, Don
... sat on the park bench like bookends. Well, we're not that old yet but it was great to see Don Gettner today for the first time in 4 years. We've known each other since 1972 when we worked together at WPI. Everyone around us was questioning and reinventing everything about engineering education. Lots of excitement, lots of experimentation, and a whole lot of drinking.

A picture of the Lotsa Pasta signWe dined at Lotsa Pasta, where I wolfed down the timpano. This amazing dish was apparently reverse engineered by watching the movie Big Night.

It's great to know someone who anchors a memorable part of your life, and to connect with them well enough that you can talk about the here and now and not just rehash the past. I'm lucky to have a half dozen friends like Don that go back 30 or 40 years. It helps keep a life in perspective.

Uh oh... just realized something. Though he's a luminary in his field, Don has carefully kept himself fairly invisible on the web. Thanks to this blog, though, Google will soon know where he was on the night of June 7th. Old creditors, girlfriends, and subpeona servdar"are now one step closer to tracking you down now, Don. Sorry!