June 03, 2002

Radio Row

Caught the tail end of this story on All Things Considered. This is what was at the site of the World Trade Center before the towers went up. The Port Authority took over the area just at the time I was starting to take the train down to NYC on my own as a high school kid. I would have gone crazy wandering through those shops at that time. I suppose the Lafayette Radio store on Canal Street that I did end up going to was a kind of leftover echo of Radio Row.

The story was part of a sonic memorial they're putting together gathering sounds from the WTC.

Radio Row - Cortlandt Street 1930-1970
is another personal reminiscence.

From poking around with Google, it appears that the phrase "Radio Row" lives on with a new meaning. It's what they call it when a long line of radio stations sets up a remote broadcasting studio at sports events or political conventions.


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