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June 14, 2002


Spent most of the day in transit from Bismarck to San Antonio for the NECC conference. Another 3 hour layover in Denver during which I decided not to get another haircut. Did some online work there in the Qwest area again and only after paying 3.95 per half hour did I notice that the airport has free wireless access everywhere. It's in the testing phase so at some point there will be a charge, I'm guessing, but what a great service!

picture of the san antonio convention centerMet up with Philip at the conference center where we checked out the laptop lab they've set up for us. We got Atmosphere working on most of them but I'm a bit nervous about tomorrow. Never again will I set myself up to do a workshop using beta software!

A picture of the riverwalkIt's incredibly hot and muggy here. Had Mexican food in a place along the Riverwalk and went back to the hotel to tweak the workshop.