June 30, 2002

Small World Genealogy

Since putting part of my family tree online, I've been hoping to be found by more distant relatives who Google their way to my site. No luck so far, but June just hit the jackpot. I put all of Alex's grandparents on the tree, so June's late dad is there, ready to be found.

So this evening's mail brought this note from Marie Payne:

May I ask if your GRANDFATHER's name was AUGUST MAXMILLAN WEDESWEILER, born 1873 and died 4 September 1948 in L.A.? His parents may have been PHILLIP GEORG JAKOB WEDESWEILER, born 23 July 1850 and married to HENRIETTE PHILLIPINE BECKER.

If so we would be related, distant though it may be. Phillip's parents were JACOB WEDESWEILER & MARIA CORNELIA FISCHER, and Jacobs's parents were BERNARD (or BERULIARD) JACOB WEDESWEILER and SUSANNE DOTZHEIMER, all from around the area of Winkel, Hessen-Nassau, Prussia.

I would be very interested to hear from you. I have quite a bit on the family in Germany and Australia. Best wishes. Marie

Very cool, if the "His parents may have been" part pans out. Looks like June will have one line tracked back before 1800.


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