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June 15, 2002

The Workshops

My trepidations about using the beta of Adobe Atmosphere in the WebQuesting in Three Dimensions workshop were realized. While some were able to travel around in 3-D space and interact with each other there, others sat for long minutes staring at a screen that wouldn't refresh. I learned (too late) that some of the worlds have a limit on the number of visitors that can share the world simultaneously. When 10 people went to the Stonehenge world, for example, the first half dozen could see each other. The rest saw Stonehenge but no one was there. It was as though they each had their own private version of the world. Frustrating to them and me. Philip did a great demo of the Builder software and quite a number of the participants did some elaborate things in a short time.

The Design Patterns for WebQuests afternoon workshop went considerably better. The design patterns stuff is immediately applicable and those who have taught others about WebQuests in the past could see right away that this approach makes things easier.

graph of evaluations

I went through the evaluations for both sessions and they were not quite as bad as what I sensed. The 3-D WebQuest evals were the worst I've gotten in years, although 80% would still recommend it to their colleagues. The design patterns distribution of attitudes is more like what I'm used to. I won't be doing this 3-D stuff again until the software is stable.

DinnerThere's nothing like carbohydrates to soothe the wounded presenter. We went to an Italian place well away from the Riverwalk. The combined manicotti and cannelloni plate I had did wonders for my soul.

Thinking back on it now, I realize that I head for pasta both when I'm feeling down and when I'm out to celebrate. It's my universal road to equilibrium (and I've got a closet full of outgrown belts to prove it).