July 12, 2002

Another Report from UCSD

June wrote about parent's night at Alex's computer camp:

"Alex came out and we were chatting. Then this little kid came up and asked Alex what his name was; he was telling his dad how Alex's game was the best one in the class! So then we went into the room and the teacher came up to me and asked if I'm Mrs. Dodge - and then told me how bright Alex is, etc. He said how he had taken a three week class on Director and that Alex had absorbed all that in an hour and was doing great stuff. He didn't say that to anyone else.

"So then Alex showed me the game. I asked him to show me the behind the scenes stuff as the teacher told the parents to do that. Then I sat down to play it - and people came up to watch after they had seen their own kid's games. Kids were lining up to get to play! They asked if the game will be posted online so they can play it, and the teacher asked Alex to please put something in the credits about him so he could put it on his resume...

"One of the moms asked if Alex would be there again next year and while Alex hesitated to think the teachers said that Alex will be running his own camp. They talk about wanting him to be on the list of helpers, etc. It was, I'm sure, quite a successful hour for our boy."

Needless to say, I'm one proud Dad!


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