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July 31, 2002

Broadband Access in Hotels

Nothing makes a hotel seem more like home to me than seeing that little Ethernet cable hanging in the closet and a box to plug it into at the desk. Apparently there's been a shakeout in the industry and the number of hotel rooms with broadband access has actually declined in the last year. Fewer than 10% of the guests actually use broadband, since most only do e-mail and dial-up is good enough for that.

What's wrong with these people??!!! They don't edit web pages, upload pictures, or even surf much, I guess. What tiny, parochial, limited lives they lead! I suppose they actually look around outside the hotel at times instead.

According to Joe Brancatelli's Tactical Traveler column, there's no global listing of hotels with fast net access, though the GeekTels list comes close. There are several partial listings, though, and I've just bookmarked four for future use:

I also found the The Cybercafe Search Engine which might help in those cases where there were no with-it hotels at all.

With this information at hand, I just booked myself a week of highspeed bliss in Connecticut.