July 12, 2002

Day 2 at WKU

...went very well. Now there are 30 new WebQuesting faculty off to a good start. The design patterns approach really seemed to get them going pretty quickly. One of the two groups I had were fairly new to all this but you couldn't really tell the difference once they got into it. I did have to spend a fair bit of time clarifying what a WebQuest is and how it's different from a research report or hot list. Things clicked, though. I'll be interested to see what they do with it over the next year.

Came back to the hotel and went right out again to see Minority Report. The theater was small and surprisingly empty. One of the projectors was out of focus so when they switched reels suddenly I felt like I had glaucoma. I'd like to try seeing it again in a better venue when I'm not dead tired.


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