July 20, 2002

From China with Love

In addition to a very nice letter from San Antonio, today's e-mail brought me this:

I'm the director of the National Research Center (Beijing Branch) of Computer Education in K12 schools in China. National Research Center of Computer Education (NRCCE) is a nonprofit organization whose foundation was approved by China Ministry of Education. And Beijing Education Lab (BEL), a virtual organization of K12 teachers who are fond of education research, is one of our partners. We have been interested in your WebQuest model for a long time, and we have already directed many Chinese teachers in creating their own WebQuests.

In order to promote the use of Information Technology in education, NRCCE has planned to found a website on WebQuest, and organize a team to do research and promotion on WebQuest. We have also planned to translate all the teacher training materials in your website http://webquest.sdsu.edu into Chinese, and now we hope to get your authorization. In addition, we hope to find a chance to cooperate with you to promote the practice of WebQuest in the mainland of China. Thank you very much!

Very cool, I'd say! I hope cooperating with them requires an actual visit!


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