July 22, 2002

A Global Dinner

It was a delight to take Luciano Ramalho and his colleague Leonardo out to an Indian restaurant tonight. They're here to do a presentation at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention. I've known Luciano since my first trip to Brazil in 1989. At that point he was a brilliant 20-something programmer/instructional designer working for SENAC. He was also a published board game designer and wrote software reviews on the side. Now he has his own company Hiperlógica. He's still brilliant, driven, warm and funny.

Knowing that multi-talented workaholics like Luciano exist makes me optimistic about the future. As long as there are enough like him out there, I'm less worried about the damage wrought by crooked CEOs, religious zealots and elected Bozos. In the long run, things move forward.


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