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July 3, 2002

How I'd Like to Spend My Summer Someday

A picture of the Clarion logoEvery year at Michigan State, the Clarion Workshop becomes a working home/boot camp to around 20 aspiring science fiction and fantasy writers. They live in the graduate dorms and a different published writer teaches the course for each of six weeks. It's an intense period of full frontal writing and critiquing and being critiqued.

I've often wished I could attend Clarion. To be admitted, you need to submit two complete short stories. The tuition and board is amazingly cheap. As I look at the pictures of each class, though, I don't see any wisdom-induced silver hair like mine. They all look 25. Have I missed my moment? If so, I can at least attend vicariously through the communal web site that Cory Doctorow helpfully pointed to today. I'm poking through there reading about their ups and downs. I've already uncovered an interesting blog by Jason Erik Lundberg, one of this year's participants.

A summer at Clarion. Is that something I should shoot for?