July 31, 2002

Joining the Grand Parade

I'm generally not the earliest adopter of anything. I've wasted time and money on so many techietoys and bleeding edge software tools that never pan out that I've learned now to wait a bit. I bought OSX as soon as it came out, but I didn't declare it as my personal savior until OSX10.1 came out. Still, that made me the first person I know to take the plunge. Similarly, I didn't buy a PDA until the Palm IIIs came out, and I was among the first people I know to enter the Post-Palm era by no longer using it.

So with my credentials established as a not-too-early adopter, I hereby announce that our new Tivo is happily chugging away right now, downloading the chewy goodness of our 70 channels and organizing it. In a few hours, I'll join 400,000 other earlier-than-me adopters who no longer watch anything in realtime. Will I end up watching more TV? Gawd I hope not. Instead I hope to spend less time while watching better TV. We shall see.

With astounding synchronicity, The Onion has published its own vision of what's on tonight.


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