July 05, 2002

Jokes for Senior Citizens

book coverJune's mom called tonight to ask if we might pick up a joke book the next time we go to Borders. She's looking for ways to hold up her share of the repartee among the ladies at her table at the senior living center. I think it's going to take more than a book, though. She could use some help with delivery like Data had in those Star Trek episodes in which he was trying to be more human by learning how to be funny. If only I could book her some time on the holodeck.

Short of that, if this blog had any actual readers, I would throw out the question: does anyone have a book to recommend? I think I still have a 3-inch thick Milton Berle compendium buried here somewhere which was mostly unfunny to me, but it might be just the thing for octagenarians. There must be a better book, though.


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