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July 27, 2002

Outdoors At Last

I hooked up with Donn and Marcie for dinner in Chinatown. A lovely time was had by all. This is the longest stretch I've had to talk with either of them all summer, even though our offices are within 30 feet of each other. Orange Beef, Hunan Chicken in Black Bean Sauce, Hunan Shrimp... yum! I'm still avoiding carbs and focusing on veggies and protein.

Afterward, Donn and I spent an hour at the bar with Willis Copeland from UCSB sharing our collective wisdom on parenting. Maybe it was more than an hour. I'd forgotten how much I like Black Russians.

Somebody, I won't name any names, had had the foresight to skip out of attending the sessions at the conference today and went to the National Archives looking up his or her family history. Another person, not to be named, also skipped out to visit the new Spy Museum. Sounds like it's very much worth a visit.