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July 9, 2002

Report from Alex @ UCSD

Well... it's turning out to be a new kind of experience for our boy, according to his blog.

"...It is hard to get any work done here. People are singing, yelling, talking... Several times I have considered getting my headphones and drowning it all out to work on my program. Also, they make us play games, even when we don't want to, instead of working... I get like 6 hours of work all day. I would be done with my game, know three times more Director, and have finished half the undead campaign if I had my way with work time (get up at 6 (we do that already) start work at 6:10 (we start at like 7:30), go to breakfast at 8 (we do that), get back and go to work (we play a "fun game") work until lunch, eat, work until dinner, eat, work until 10, sleep. Oh yeah, and I'd be under the cone of silence the whole time.) Okay, really sleep now... It's 9:58 (12 hour clock)."

My God, June and I have raised a quiet workaholic! How on Earth did THAT happen?