July 14, 2002

To LA the Old School Way

June and Alex were in LA and I wanted to see him before he begins his three-week Johns Hopkins class at Loyola Marymount. I didn't, however, really want to drive 2.5 hours up, visit for a few minutes, and drive 2.5 hours back alone with June also driving her car alone in my rear view mirror. So I drove a few minutes to the nearest trolley stop, took it to the Santa Fe Depot downtown, and went from there by Amtrak's Pacific Surfliner to Union Station in LA. Compared to the plane, it's such a humane way to travel! I could stretch out my legs, keep the computer plugged in the whole time, get up and get some coffee, and watch the beach go by to my left.

This is the first time since 9/11 that my family has met me getting off from some mode of transportation and as they walked toward me in the station I was amazed to see that Alex is now a full head taller than June.

Got Alex settled in to his new dorm room and rode back home with his Mom. A long but pleasant day. A temporarily empty nest.


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