August 04, 2002

Another Blogging Bernie

I met Bernie DeKoven when I was in grad school hoping to come up with the Unified Field Theory of Motivation that would explain once and for all how to make anything interesting to anyone. (That task remains unaccomplished, in case you hadn't noticed, at least by me.) At the time of my visit in The Late Disco Era Bernie had just written a book called The Well Played Game and had set up his home in the wilds of Pennsylvania as what he called The Games Preserve. Groups and corporations would contract with him to come out to his barn and play some of the thousands of games he had collected there. He was a fascinating guy and very accommodating to a greenhorn doc student.

Since then he's moved to California and set up shop as a consultant on the topic of Fun. He seems to be doing good and doing well. I just happened upon the blog he's been keeping and actively updating and, like the man himself, it's very interesting. Bernie DeKoven is a deserving candidate to displace me from my perch as the top Bernie on Google.


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