August 30, 2002

Childhood's End

Alex had his friend Sam over for the day. They've known each other since they were a year and a half old and four moms got together to form the Friday group. Once a week the kids played together, with the moms taking turns setting up food, crafts and activities. All four kids went off to different schools but we've kept the relationship going on the holidays and other events. All four kids have turned out beautifully.

It was fun listening to Alex and Sam in the next room as they alternated between playing Magic, WarCraft, and a game they made up that takes no hardware, just imagination.

Alex: "OK, you're a Rigelian spy and you need to get off the planet to report on what you've learned."
Sam: "I go to the spaceport and book a flight."
Alex: "Not so fast. You've got an implant in your brain that they'll detect if you try to leave."
Sam: "Wait! You never told me about that before."
Alex: "So there it is. What are you going to do?"

And so on. Smart, nice kids. And since they both start high school on Tuesday, I was thinking of this as the end of a phase for them. Soon they'll have less time to dream up Rigelian spy stories because homework will hang over their heads. A bittersweet day.


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