August 10, 2002

Coming Soon: Yappy Web Pages

"Veepers is the new "smart character" solution from Pulse. Taking a single 2D photo or other character image and creating a photo-real, 3D "clone" of the original, complete with lip-synching and automated text-to-speech (TTS) functionality, Veepers adds a truly human element to myriad online experiences. Better yet, the process takes less than two minutes, and its simple, click-and-drag interface requires no programming or artistic expertise whatsoever. And since the resulting Veepers are only 60-100k in size, they load quickly onto any page, regardless of client connection speed."

Looks promising, at least for the novelty effect, for educational web pages and games. I'm a little skeptical about the "less than two minutes" and "truly human element" claims. It's also interesting that there are no live examples of these talking headlets on the company web page, at least not yet. The cost, however, is astonishing: $25K to $75K! Someone is going to come up with a much more reasonably priced way to do this. My earlier take on MacHeadroom now looks quaint as I was griping about its $150 pricetag. [via Online Learning Update]


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