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August 21, 2002

Fahrenheit 2002

Alex and I watched Fahrenheit 451 thanks to Tivo this morning. It's not a great flick but it was better than I remembered. It struck us as very timely, not so much because of the anti-intellectualism and censorship, but because of the chase at the end in which citizens were told to stand at their front doors to watch for the escaping Montag. On every corner was a special mailbox for turning in your neighbors (or spouse) for anti-social behavior. Everyone was under surveillance by everyone else. A great depiction of Ashcroft's TIPS program without all that much exaggeration.

This is a movie worthy of a remake. Meanwhile I found two WebQuests based on the book [1] [2] and learned that LA's new mayor chose it as the subject of his first citywide book club. I wonder if LA is still doing that, now that Oprah has moved on.