August 06, 2002

How I Bombed in East Texas

First time out for this new keynote talk, "The Joy of Sense-Making". For a couple of years now I've had an activity that I built into keynotes that had the audience work together to write a haiku about Mars. For this one, I have them writing a limerick about neurons. It looked good on paper (well, screen, actually) but in practice it didn't pan out. For the audience to have the information it needed about neurons, they had to see the screen clearly and that wasn't in the cards here. The room was too long and the data projector could only squeeze out 800x600. The larger problem, though, was that the presentation was pitched to an audience that knew at least a little about WebQuests and that wasn't the case here.

So this was my pre-Broadway tryout in New Haven. I'd give myself a B-. There were parts that went well, but it needs more work.


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