August 23, 2002

Putting Money Where the Mouth Is

Wow. There's a list of what various entertainers get on the college circuit. Here's a sampling, sorted from pricy to bargain basement:

Adam Sandler - $100K + !!!!
Sting - $100K +
Jay Leno - $75K
Jon Stewart - $65K
Dennis Miller - $50K
Kids in the Hall - $40K
Wayne Brady - $40K
Weird Al Yankovic - $20K
Ellen Degeneres - $35K
Art Garfunkel - $25K
Joan Rivers - $20K
Rockapella - $10K
Laurie Anderson - $10K
Arlo Guthrie - $7.5K
Rich Hall - $2.5K

I'd enjoy seeing any of these except for Adam Sandler and Joan Rivers. I wish there were a similar list of public speakers on the education circuit. I'm never sure how to price myself. Higher than Rich Hall, anyway. [from Boing Boing]


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