August 09, 2002

Rocky Mountain High

My stint at the University of Southern Colorado went a lot better. It's a small, pleasant campus where everybody knows everybody. You can see mountains in the distance but there are wide open stretches before you get there. Deep blue skies with puffy cumulus clouds that we rarely see in San Diego.

I got up at 5AM to majorly tweak The Joy of Sense-Making and it went much much better. There's more tweaking to do, but it's now passable. The people from SCTEA, the organization putting on this event, were energetic and a little nervous, since this was their first big show. I think they did a great job.

A high point of the trip was spending some time with Pete Billington who is a professor in the business school here. Pete and I were fraternity brothers at Sigma Pi 35 years ago and later roommates before we left Worcester for grad school. He was always a funny guy and that's still his reputation. One of the conference leaders described taking a class from him. Pete kept everyone in rapt attention and feeling accepted, no matter how well prepared for the course they were. He was named by students as one of the top two instructors in his college.

It's great to see someone doing well and enjoying his work so much. I was also glad to see that he's retained his Democratic heart while living in Colorado Springs surrounded by dittoheads.


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