August 25, 2002

Wrestling with the Platypus

Spent my waking hours this weekend playing with PHP and SQL. Not playing, actually. It's more intense and brow-furrowing than that. Fortunately I've got a pile of books to learn from, and today Web Database Applications with PHP & MySQL was at the top of the heap. It helped a lot.

I've got a long list of projects based on LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) and it's been hard figuring out how to get them started. There's such a huge list of things to learn and I'm too impatient to go through the usual toy exercises to learn each bit. I wanted to learn as I build so I decided to start with user authentication: figuring out how to control access to different pages based on a database of usernames and passwords.

Today I got that part done, and it will be the foundation for June's Julian Charter School projects, new improvements to the WebQuest page, and new web-based versions of my lesson planning and adventure-game authoring tools. The sky's the limit and I finally feel as though I'm one rung up the ladder.


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