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September 24, 2002

Getting More Pages Up

I'm on a roll in getting some new pages up on the web. First up was something I've meant to do for a long time: Adapting and Enhancing Existing Webquests. That one will be used in EDTEC 470 and was the centerpiece of the workshop I did in Kansas City last week. Also brand new is Teaching and Learning with Faraway Partners, a mini-WebQuest I needed for EDTEC 570. It took up 2 hours of last night's class and I think it went very well.

And earlier today, I did a makeover on the very old but very popular series of WebQuest About WebQuests pages. I saved one of the old versions just to show the difference. I nuked the Resources section of the page and moved the links into the Process section, which is more in keeping with today's format. Also added a cool Javascript timer and tarted up the color scheme. All very gratifying!