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September 21, 2002

How Easily Things Get Broken

What a drag. We drove by June's Mom's now-uninhabited house this afternoon and walked in to find the kitchen floor under two inches of water. The floors in the living room were buckled up and the carpet was soaked and musty smelling. Turns out that the plastic hose feeding water into the icemaker in the fridge decided to spring a leak. It had probably been dribbling away for close to a week.

We called one of those companies that do nothing but clean up after incidents like this and they quickly sucked up the water, tore up the carpet and hauled in a flotilla of dehumidifiers. We're going to have to replace a lot of the floor, get new carpeting, and have the place repainted. The silver lining is that this got us off the dime in sprucing the place up and getting it ready for sale. It's all insured. Still, what a drag.