September 21, 2002

Now Hear This

Remember those personalized ads directed at Tom Cruise as he walked through the mall in Minority Report? I'm not convinced that that will ever happen, but if it does it will require that each person only hears his/her own ads. The technology for that, HyperSonic Sound, is apparently already here!

Why HSS?
There are many reasons. The first and most important is the ability to direct or focus sound into a tight beam, similar to the beam of light from the flashlight described above. No other audio reproduction device available today provides this unique ability. The opportunities for applying this characteristic to the reproduction of sound are limitless. Think about the ability in a museum to direct the narration about a specific display only to the people standing directly in front of it.

Hmmm... imagine what kind of party games you could create if you were able to whisper different things into the ears of each participant simultaneously. Could be interesting.


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