September 25, 2002

The Sound of Silence: Ch-Ching! - British Musician to Pay in Lawsuit

"LONDON -- What price silence? Six figures, as British musician Mike Batt found out when he included a one-minute silence on the latest album by his rock group, The Planets.
Batt agreed Monday to pay an undisclosed six-figure sum to the John Cage Trust, after publishers of the late American composer sued him for compensation, claiming he had plagiarized Cage's 1952 composition, "4'33," which was totally silent."

Imagine that. This guy included a track on his album with 1 minute of silence on it and jokingly called it "1:00" and gave co-authoring credit to John Cage...and so Cage's estate sues. Another symptom of how dysfunctional the copyright system is!


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