October 23, 2002

Seeing C-SPAN

The first high point of today’s advisory board meeting was a field trip to C-SPAN. We met two of the on-air folks who do Washington Journal every morning, something June and I often wake up to. No sign of Brian Lamb, who to me serves as a great example of what one person can do with skill, persistence and vision.
Washington Journal has the Capitol building as backdrop, a view so perfect that it almost seems as though it must be greenscreened in. As we toured the studio where that takes place every morning I was gooing and gahing so much about it that one of the other board members asked if I’d like my picture taken sitting where the host sits.

So there I am, so hurriedly squatting there that there was no time to straighten my tie or wrestle my coat into order. The tour had already moved on so this felt slightly illicit. Quite a thrill.

The afternoon was spent actually responding to Cable in the Classroom’s plans and having our brains picked clean. Lots of good ideas flying around.


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