October 07, 2002

Tablets for Schools

A UK company has announced a Tablet PC designed for use in schools. Some of its features:

  • Mark homework by annotating directly over common file formats.
  • Collect homework, naturally hand mark it, and return it to their network folder with your comments attached. (when used with our RM Community Connect 3 network).
  • Include hand drawn sketches, diagrams and drawings quickly and easily to any assignment.
  • Gather data and take detailed notes during?field trips, writing and drawing your notes in a format you can use later on.
  • Present a lesson to the whole-class, while facing them, using Easiteach Studio.
  • Prepare lessons from the comfort of your home, on the train and in the staffroom.
  • Read and annotate electronic texts during study or discussions.
  • Notes are stored in Microsoft's new ink format, and can be searched later as if they were text.

What's interesting about this is the price: around $1250 if my conversion is correct. That sets it apart from the Tablet PCs coming out next month which are pricier than laptops and aimed at the mine's-bigger-than-yours business user. Once these get down to $300 or so, we're onto something.


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