October 07, 2002

Why Don't They Call it Goofy?

From BBC NEWS: Large world found beyond Pluto

"A new planet-like object has been found circling the Sun more than one and a half billion kilometres beyond Pluto. Quaoar, as it has been dubbed, is about 1,280 kilometres across (800 miles) and is the biggest find in the Solar System since Pluto itself 72 years ago. The object is about one-tenth the diameter of Earth and circles the Sun every 288 years. It is half Pluto's size, but apparently larger than the ninth planet's moon, Charon. "

Why do I think this is cool? It gives me something further out to anticipate. I've always been fascinated by Pluto because of how little we know about it, and now there's something even mysteriouser. Bring on the closeup photos! Let's get a Kodak Brownie out there right away!


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