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November 14, 2002

A4 Paper: Proof of God's Heavy Hand in Everything

From the Psychoceramics list, here's a new wacko in the spirit of the Bible Code.

The Postscript: "At the time of writing the A-series of cut paper sizes (defined by ISO 216) is a familiar accompaniment to life in most countries and promises soon to be accepted universally as a truly _international_ standard. Its principal representative, A4, has metric dimensions that reveal a remarkable affinity with significant features occurring in the texts of both Genesis and Revelation - the first and last of the Bible's Books. Further, even the sequence number of the standard, viz 216, is found to be closely involved in these relationships. Such intriguing matters form the basis of the current paper and the question is asked: How is it possible that fragments of ancient writings should map so precisely onto an artefact that was not to appear on the world's stage until some two or three millennia later?"

So those annoying unAmerican sheets of paper that refuse to fit in your binders and file folders are all part of God's Mysterious Plan™. Now we know.

But seriously: aren't you glad that the 1950s version of the future with lots of leisure time never happened? Imagine if we had a world in which everyone only had to work 10 hours a week. With all that time on their hands, millions of bozos and bozas would be coming up with theories like this and publishing them globally. We'd never get anything done.