November 09, 2002

Dr. Clue Scouts San Diego

One of the participants in a session I attended at NASAGA was Dr. Clue, otherwise known as David Blum. He's created a company that designs Team Building Treasure Hunts

"Ok, admit it. Ever since you were a kid, you've always loved treasure hunts. And now, as "an adult," you're charged with hunting up a fresh, new, business-focused team building activity for your corporate group. Your quest, at last, is over! Treasure hunt master Dr. Clue is the national leader for customized, team building treasure hunts. Always convenient to your office or meeting, our off-site hunt events take place in America's most exciting neighborhoods, museums and theme parks."

That sounds like great fun to me. While down for NASAGA, he was looking around San Diego for some good locations for a new treasure hunt. Someone suggested Seaport Village but I hope saner minds prevail. Downtown or Balboa Park would be a lot more content-crunchy.

Maybe next year I'll offer treasure hunt design as an optional alternative to the board game project.


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