November 04, 2002

Farflung WebQuesting

I've been getting mail from other countries over the years from educators who are fans of WebQuests and are doing what they can to evangelize about them. There's lots going on in Brazil, Canada, the Netherlands, Australia and Israel. But over the weekend I heard from the most exotic locale yet: Tiznit, Morocco. A math educator there is holding a workshop today on WebQuests!

I looked up Tiznit and it's about as far off the beaten path as the web goes these days. Salmon colored houses, iron doors painted blue, and mosques that look like the ones I saw in Mali. Cooler still, it's just a few hours away from Ifni, a former Spanish enclave on the Atlantic coast. I remember daydreaming as a kid as I added postage stamps from Ifni to my collection. So faraway and foreign... and now they've got WebQuests. How much smaller can the world get?


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