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November 17, 2002

Keeping Old Friends

Yesterday was the annual Technology Fair held by San Diego CUE. Attendance was less than 200, I'm guessing, but it was a great place to be. I don't go to this expecting to hear anything new but to catch up on the lives of people I've known since I came to San Diego. It's funny how loyal we all are to the organization after all these years, a bond forged by working hard together to put on countless conferences and events. Got to chat with Al Rogers and Yvonne Andres who I normally bump into thousands of miles from home, and hear the latest about Global Schoolhouse.

Also spent time with Bill and Debbie Simpson (pictured above with Pam Howard) who retold the story of the night in 1988 when they were out to dinner with June and her water broke. Since I was stranded in Fresno for the night, they were the ones who drove her to the hospital. Got hugs from teachers who participated in the Patterns Project, too, a shared adventure we all look back at fondly. Whoever still thinks technology has to be dehumanizing hasn't been paying attention.

What's that Girl Scout song? Make new friends and keep the old, one is silver, the other gold.