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November 29, 2002

Our First Geocaching Adventure

I've been interested in geocaching for close to two years now, and today we finally got around to trying it. After a trip to D. Z. Akins for lunch, June, Alex & I stopped to search for Cache: (GC4426) Alvarado Crossing by Rob. With Alex holding the GPS receiver and me reading the coordinates, we zeroed in on an area under a bridge over Alvarado Creek. At that moment, it started pouring rain, so every step we took began to seem treacherous. June got adventurous and probed further under the bridge than either of us until she saw a rat trap... which put us all instantly into let's-get-the-hell-out-of-here mode™. As we ran back to the car through buckets of rain, it gradually dawned on us that putting a rat trap out in the wilderness makes no sense at all, and that what she saw was the actual cache. Too wet to go back, we drove home with our geocaching virginity intact.

We shall return!