November 30, 2002

Triumphal Return to Geocaching

Another lunch out, another stab at geocaching. The post storm skies were brilliant blue and filled with cumulus clouds, so the prospect of falling (2 feet) to our doom into Alvarado Creek seemed less daunting. It took no time at all to return to the former rat box at Cache GC4426, sign the log book and claim our prize: a small plastic emu. We'll keep that as a trophy, like framing the first dollar taken in at a restaurant. To restore balance to the universe, we left behind a 2 Kroner coin from our trip last year to Copenhagen.

Continuing the saga, we went on to Cache GC6686: Crystal Tower Cache which consisted of a Parmesan Cheese container hidden under a pile of rocks at the top of the hill that we see from our front yard. Yes, this is high adventure... traipsing through fields within view of our weedbeds.

This is a cool thing. It gets us out away from our keyboards but the technology connection keeps it interesting to all of us.


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