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November 3, 2002

Will We Actually Send Out Christmas Cards This Year?

Maybe! It's been years since we managed to send any out, and the number of cards we get every year is monotonically decreasing as a result. Personally, my energy level drops every year starting about now and is painfully low at about the time that most people are sending out cards. It's not going to happen around here unless it gets to be a lot less tedious.

So I was happy to read on BackUp Brain about the U. S. Postal Service's NetPost CardStore which will print and send out your cards for about $2 a pop. There are zillions of ready-made cards to choose from, or you can upload graphics to make your own. Being addicted to doing things the hard way, that's the way I'd go. Maybe I can enlist the help of our 14 year old resident PhotoShop wizard to turn a family photo into something cartoonlike. (Or maybe I'll spend the first week of December staring at a growing pile of projects to grade and aimlessly surfing the web as usual.)