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December 7, 2002

Blogging a Revolution

Some say that blogging by ordinary people is going to provide some real competition for professional journalists, or that it will provide a new medium for journalists that bypasses the usual editors. A good example of one or the other of these is The Devil's Excrement, a blog by Miguel Octavio. I can't tell if he's a professional journalist or just a politically engaged Venuzuelan, but he's writing first hand accounts of the demonstations, shootings, and strikes that are now the norm in that country. This will be interesting, and sobering, to follow.

"Two nights ago, an amateur caught the Mayor of the Libertador district, a Chavez supporter, arriving at 2:17 AM at the PDVSA headquarters, when guns were being moved around. The Mayor denied he had been there, only to change his story when he was shown the the video. Well, Globovision, the TV station, is now showing the frame from the video, together with the picture of the assasin who confessed shooting at the people tonight. Do you believe in coincidences?"